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Easter Sunday

Christ is risen. Happy Easter . While following Mass today on TV , Net or radio, have Holy water nearby. After the renewal of your baptismal promises bless yourself with the water and bless those around you.
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Holy Saturday

Today we meditate on Christ in the tomb and his descent into hell. Through the death of Christ the gates of paradise are opened. All those who have died before his death,  he descends to and releases them from their prison, starting as in this painting with Adam and Eve. Tonight in all the Catholic Churches and Anglican Churches in County Cork, their internal lights will be on, to remind us of the Easter light and as a symbol to those on the frontline that we are praying for them . We too can show our belief in there resurrection and our solidarity by lighting a candle and putting it in the window.

Good Friday

We can follow the ceremonies on our TV, internet or radio. May I suggest that during the rite of veneration we can kiss, bow or genuflect before the cross in our house. After the ceremonies maybe we could put the cross or crucifix in our windows for all the world to see

A suggestion for Holy Thursday

This Holy Thursday we are all unable to participate in the Mass of the Lords supper . We can follow it on RTE, on the internet or radio. However we follow the Mass, may I suggest that,  if we are a family group, we have the washing of the feet.  Decide who you want as leader and the leader, either before or after Mass, washes the feet of the others . There are no words, just the simple pouring of water on a foot ,  drying the foot and, if you want to, kiss the foot .

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday has arrived and practically all of us are house bound. For those living in Ireland you can follow the ceremonies on . Our own parish, Blarney has the following schedule and can be followed on  Blarney Parish Schedule Holy Week. Mon, Tues, Wed. Mass and Rosary 11am Holy Thursday Mass of the Lords Supper 6pm. Good Friday Stations of the Cross 11am                       Ceremony of the Passion 2pm                       Stations of the Cross 7pm Holy Saturday Night Easter Vigil 7pm Easter Sunday Mass at 10am and 12 midday In order to help with your devotion why not make a palm wreath or bundle and put on your door, gate or window for Palm Sunday. On Holy Thursday families can get together and choose a leader, who will then wash the feet of the others. Good Friday have a cross beside you  while following on the TV or  Web and during the veneration, Kiss the cross Holy Saturday Night light a cand

Pope Francis’ litany of supplication

We adore you, O Lord True God and true man, truly present in this holy Sacrament.      We adore you, O Lord  Our Saviour,  God with us, faithful and rich in mercy      We adore you, O Lord  King and Lord of creation and of history      We adore you, O Lord  Conqueror of sin and death      We adore you, O Lord  Friend of mankind, the Risen One, the Living One who sits at the right hand of the Father.      We adore you, O Lord We believe in you, O Lord Only begotten Son of the Father, descended from heaven for our salvation      We believe in you, O Lord  Heavenly physician, who bows down over our misery      We believe in you, O Lord  Lamb who was slain, who offer yourself to rescue us from evil      We believe in you, O Lord  Good Shepherd, who give your life for the flock which you love      We believe in you, O Lord  Living bread and medicine for immortality, who give us eternal life      We believe in you, O Lord  Deliver us, O Lord From the power of Satan and

New guidelines

DIOCESE OF CLOYNE COVID-19 UPDATE , 28 th   March 2020 In the light of the most recent Covid-19 restrictions,  and having consulted with the other Bishops of  the Cashel Province   I am now publishing further  guidelines  on arrangements regarding Coronavirus .  I do  so mindful that the work of clergy and pastoral workers is included in the category of “social care” mentioned in the provisional list of essential services.  It is the intention of the authorities to make more specific reference to clergy and pastoral  workers  in the definitive list that may not be available until Monday. •  All  those over 70 and others who are medically vulnerable are to be shielded or cocooned .   T herefore ,  all clergy  and  religious  as well as  Diocesan and parish lay staff such as sacristans  within this category of “cocooned”  should stay at home .  •  The priests of each d eaner y will seek to ensure that those who are “cocooned” will receive personal support and see that their needs

Our Lady of Youghal

Prayer to Our Lady of Graces of Youghal. O Mary of Graces and mother of Christ, O may you direct me and guide me a right. O may you protect me from Satan’s control, and may you protect me in body and soul.  O may you protect me by land and by sea, and may you protect me from sorrows to be; A strong guard of angels above me provide; May God be before me and God at my side

Urbi et Orbi

It is easy to recognize ourselves in this story. What is harder to understand is Jesus’ attitude. While his disciples are quite naturally alarmed and desperate, he stands in the stern, in the part of the boat that sinks first. And what does he do? In spite of the tempest, he sleeps on soundly, trusting in the Father; this is the only time in the Gospels we see Jesus sleeping. When he wakes up, after calming the wind and the waters, he turns to the disciples in a reproaching voice: “Why are you afraid? Have you no faith?” (v. 40). Let us try to understand. In what does the lack of the disciples’ faith consist, as contrasted with Jesus’ trust? They had not stopped believing in him; in fact, they called on him. But we see how they call on him: “Teacher, do you not care if we perish?” (v. 38).   Do you not care:   they think that Jesus is not interested in them, does not care about them. One of the things that hurts us and our families most when we hear it said is: “Do you not care about