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Easter Sunday

Christ is risen. Happy Easter .
While following Mass today on TV , Net or radio, have Holy water nearby. After the renewal of your baptismal promises bless yourself with the water and bless those around you.


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ACPI and the new translation of the Roman Missal

The ACPI has created a bit of a story the last few days. A friend emailed me two links Pray Tell Blog and The Irish Examiner For those of you who don't know ACPI stands for the Association of Catholic Priests in Ireland. ( one wit has already named them; the Association of Coffin-dodging Progressives of Ireland). It is a very small but very vocal group of priest. The ringleaders are the usual leftie suspects .I suppose it is their last hooray. There are many post's on this blog about the New Translation, readers can see for themselves what all the fuss is about. I have to laugh  at the ACPI, the translation we have has only been in Ireland for about 35 years. You would think that it was something around since Adam and Eve. Many of the founders of  ACPI have been telling us for years that change is good, people should not be set in their ways, don't be afraid of change, embrace it. Now Rev. Frs. it is time to take your own advice.

Holy Saturday

Today we meditate on Christ in the tomb and his descent into hell. Through the death of Christ the gates of paradise are opened. All those who have died before his death,  he descends to and releases them from their prison, starting as in this painting with Adam and Eve. Tonight in all the Catholic Churches and Anglican Churches in County Cork, their internal lights will be on, to remind us of the Easter light and as a symbol to those on the frontline that we are praying for them . We too can show our belief in there resurrection and our solidarity by lighting a candle and putting it in the window.